Do I have to hand wash my pads?

Not unless you want to. You can put your pads into the washing machine along with the rest of your laundry and stick them in the dryer on low heat. You can also just hang them to dry.

Will there be an odor?

There should be no smell when you wear your pads. Make sure not to wear them for longer than you would wear a disposable pad.

How long will my pads last?

Each one of us is unique and our flow is just as unique. How long your pads last will depend on how often you use them but we hope each pad lasts up to 5 years. We recommend you take stock of your pads every 1-2 years and determine if you need to add more or replace any of the pads you have.

Why do you say the pads are environmentally friendly?

Disposable menstrual products often contain plastic that ends up in landfills and the oceans. Reusable menstrual pads last for years and decrease the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. Because most materials used are organic and do not contain any toxins, this is better for the environment as most of the pad is biodegradable.

Will my pads stain?

The light-coloured pads may stain over time. We recommend washing those pads soon after use to decrease the likelihood of staining.

What impact does my purchase have?

Each purchase goes to supporting the initiatives of The Grace & Nelly Project. See Impact for more information.

Where was my pad made?

All pads purchased in North America are handmade in Canada by immigrant and refugee women through the Cutting Edge. G&N is training women in rural communities in Zimbabwe to make pads. Making pads in the community creates employment opportunities for women in Zimbabwe and makes them more accessible.

We have worked to make sure that each level of the manufacturing and distribution process makes an impact in the lives of women and has the least environmental impact.

How many pads do I need to buy?

How many pads you buy depends on how you plan to use them. If you are using G&N’s pads along with other menstrual products such as menstrual cups or tampons, you won’t need as many compared to someone who only uses G&N’s pads. We recommend buying the starter kit first and seeing how often you need to change the pads or pantyliners and how often you need to wash them. The pads are designed to last between 1-2 years with constant use.

If you are thinking of using the pads more regularly, you generally want to have about 7-14 daily pads, 2 -3 pantyliners and 2-3 nighttime pads. However, this all depends on how often you change them and wash them. Feel free to take your time building up your stock of pads and mix and match the different patterns and prints.

How do I know which pad is the right size?

The size of pad you buy depends on your intended use and your flow. The pantyliners are meant for days you are spotting, have a light flow or you need a backup to your tampon or menstrual cup. The daily pads are meant for light flow/medium flow. You can change these as often as you would a disposable pad or tampon based on your flow. The heavy flow or nighttime pads are meant to last overnight. We recommend you buy the starter kit so you can test out all the pads and decide which ones are right for you. If you need a little extra help picking out your pads, feel free to contact us.

I want to do more to help, what can I do?

If you would like to more about how you can make periods more accessible for all, visit The Grace & Nelly Project. You can donate to specific initiatives.

What are your pads made of?

Each pad includes:

  • The top layer is an organic cotton flannel. This is a soft absorbent layer
  • The second layer is a super absorbent Zorb® layer which is an eco-friendly fabric made from a blend of Bamboo Viscose, Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester. It is hypoallergenic and commonly used in cloth diapers.
  • The third layer is a waterproof PUL layer to protect from any leaks (except the pantyliners)
  • The fourth layer is an organic cotton fabric that is dyed using natural dyes so that it is safe for you and safe for the planet.

Why do the pads have African prints?

We are an African owned business working to make lives better for those in Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent. The prints represent who we are as a company and how we are trying to share a bit of that with every person who purchases our pads. Each print tells the story of our proud heritage. Click on the product descriptions to learn more about what the print on your pad means.

Can I use reusable pads for anything else?

Yes. We all have those days when a little pee comes out from time to time. The materials used to make our pads are the same as those used for reusable diapers.